Producer Feeds A comprehensive line of high quality and affordable hog, poultry and game fowl feeds that are formulated and manufactured with strict quality standards.

Sure Grow Specially formulated feeds that make use of select quality ingredients that meet the required nutritional needs in each level of hog development, guaranteeing optimum growth and performance.

Mr Pig The specialty line of hog feeds that highlight economy while maintaining high quality nutritional standards for promoting growth and performance.

Scrambol Scientifically formulated to ensure proper growth and good health of your hogs and chicks, a formula for both quality and economy that uses the optimum mix of select ingredients.

Cross Trainer A game fowl feed that scientifically formulated to promote mental alertness, strength, bone and muscle power, overall physical development and intelligence.

About Us

Established in 1992, the company is one of the forerunners of animal feed makers in the region. Since then, it has spawned such brands as its namesake, Producer Feeds, Suregrow Feeds, Mr. Pig, Scrambol Feeds, and its own premium line of game fowl feeds, Cross Trainer, which is steadily gaining ground in the narrow circle of well-established brands in the market today.

Who We Are

Producer Feed Mill, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality lines of hog, poultry and game fowl feeds. The company's dedication to high manufacturing standards is a commitment firmly backed by stringent quality control measures and state-of-the-art production technology and continuous improvement through research and innovation. It has been in the forefront of the feed mill industry as one of its pioneers in Cebu, making its flagship brand a household name in the Visayas and Mindanao in the last two decades.

Through the years the company has periodically infused its operation with product innovations through continuous research and has been able to consistently provide consumers with affordable, high quality feeds. It has stayed in touch with the needs of livestock growers by providing technical support services in the field through on-site farm visits. This awareness is further enhanced by seminars, which are regularly held for livestock farmers with technical specialists on hand.